Positioning a 60-year-old brand in line with a new five year 2021 business plan.


"Your vision, our world"


CampbellReith is a firm of consulting engineers providing structures, civils, environmental, geo-technical, highways and transport services, both in the UK and overseas. The practice, established in 1960, has 

gone from strength to strength and in the past three years grown significantly in staff numbers, turnover and profit. 


“The Brand Marquee was appointed to work with us and develop a three year business plan and vision. Part of the programme was to set up and implement a brand ambassador programme, create an internal engagement programme for all staff to understand the vision, and to provide BD and marketing advice to enhance our online profile and win work approach. To date Susan and her team have delivered with dedication and passion to help us achieve our goals. Our staff have fully engaged with our mission and we would highly recommend The Brand Marquee to others.” 


Andrew Tullett, Partner, CampbellReith


Business Development

Five-year business and brand plan:  Over a period of three months we worked with the LLP equity partners to write a five-year business plan which incorporated a new brand strategy.


The planning process included setting up a brand ambassador programme and devising marketing and business development plans for each of the 11 sectors, the five offices and the four disciplines of structural, civil, geo-technical, environmental, highways and transport. 



Brand ambassador programme:  We set up a brand ambassador programme to inform aspects of the business plan and the brand strategy. The ambassadors identified the key issues for the brand and recommended next step solutions. These solutions formed the implementation and action plan over a two year period.


Brand positioning competition: 

A staff competition was set up for them to suggest a brand positioning statement that best reflected their practice. The campaign was promoted on social media for clients and others to vote for the winning statement - ‘Your vision, our world’. The winners received an additional day’s holiday as the reward. 

Client Perception Study


Working over a six week period, the study gave the company insights into what they could do to improve in their client's eyes.


The objectives of the study were to:


  • Understand clients' perception of the organisation

  • Understand and manage clients' expectations and investigate ways the organisation could exceed them

  • Understand the organisation's performance, from the client's perspective

  • Identify ways in which the organisation could continue to provide a service which met their clients' needs

  • Establish other areas in which the organisation could provide value in the future


The process involved:


  • Working with the senior management team to identify clients and contacts for interviews

  • Set up and carry out face to face and telephone interviews

  • Preparation of the topic guide for interviews, which was agreed by the senior management team

  • Analysis of the studies to report back to the business

  • Practice wide presentations were attended by all staff

  • Identifying low hanging fruit to address immediately

  • Putting in place a plan of corrective action across the organisation

  • Confirming this strategy back to the clients who were interviewed