Brands that are left to chance are those that never reach their true potential. 

We think of your brand as the heart and soul of your business. Sustainable brands are those with a real purpose. They change when their clients change and they achieve buy-in from everyone in the business. 


All our brand work is tailored to our clients' needs to ensure you get the best outcome for your brand.


If you don't know where to start, we offer a one-day Brand Investigation Workshop to help you identify the priorities for your business and brand strategy.




Whether your business is lacking in direction or your brand is in need of a refresh, you will need a well-defined plan that addresses the strength of you brand, identifies your competitive positioning and confirms your 'go to market' strategy. 



A brand is more than just a logo - it has a personality that appeals to the emotive drivers of your clients. Do you know what you clients like about your brand? More importantly, do you know what they don't like?



Are you unique? Or are there many brands like you? To gain trust in your brand requires clever positioning and a strong brand story.



Your quality mark is an asset to your businesses. It must be unique, memorable and pleasing on the eye. We will work with you to ensure your visual identity is fit for purpose, excites, has presence and is dynamic.


“We asked The Brand Marquee to refresh our brand with an empathetic, contemporary and eclectic feel. Our aim is to be seen as a new breed of law firm. From brand positioning to brand strategy and a refreshed identity, The Brand Marquee has achieved our aim with creative flair and professionalism.”

Mark Aston, M&BD Director, Moore Blatch