For Moore Blatch, the move to their new head office in May 2017 was the opportunity to refresh their brand and re-position the firm as a forward thinking and progressive law firm.

Gateway House was not only a new building but a complete culture change with new ways of working – smarter, more agile environments, new IT infrastructure, and fewer desks than personnel!

The Brand Marquee was appointed to undertake a brand refresh and bring the brand to life in preparation for the move. Our brief was to build on the initial interior design proposals of bold, quirky and exciting - where colour, vibrancy and innovative systems such as mobile soundproof hubs and collaborative working environments, were an integral part of the solution.


“We asked The Brand Marquee to refresh our brand with an empathetic, contemporary and eclectic feel. Our aim is to be seen as a new breed of law firm. From brand positioning to brand strategy and a refreshed identity, The Brand Marquee has achieved our aim with creative flair and professionalism.”

Mark Aston, Business Development and Marketing Director, Moore Blatch

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Brand refresh and bringing the brand to life


1. Refresh the brand and visual identity

2. Visually bring the brand to life through signage, colour and striking imagery in their new head office

3. Reposition the brand and create an internal communications programme

4. Create marketing collateral that reflected the brand refresh

The New Mark & Colour Pallette: Confident brands don’t need to explain what they do. By removing the word ‘solicitors’ we gave the logo presence and space to come to life. We retained the vibrant orange to reinforce this well-known mark.

The New Icon: The new icon portrays flexibility and fluidity to highlight their progressive style. As digital continues to play an integral role in our marketing communications, Moore Blatch needed something more fluid and connected.

The New Secondary Colour Palette: Whilst the exciting and vibrant orange remains, we introduced a new colour palette to create interest and dynamism for marketing material and online.​

Signage that Portrays Confidence and Style: The move to Gateway House was a significant one. The brief for the signage was to follow the interior design style of bold, funky and quirky.

The Engine Room is the central hub, where everyone comes together to meet, greet, eat. It is where the real thinking gets done. It is the heart space of the firm from which everything works. The Engine Room is designed to inspire and promote collaboration.

Moore Perky & Moore Rosy - Moore Everything

We named and created the Moore play on words signs which are present throughout the whole employee space. All meeting spaces – meeting rooms, coffee stations and breakout spaces are named Moore something.

Marketing Collateral: As part of a campaign to raise the profile of the property team, we have produced a suite of brochures which have had a positive impact on the internal teams' confidence when pitching but also have resulted in new work.