An explosive brand away day that reminded everyone of Synergy's values.


Synergy is a construction cost consultant with an excellent reputation and values that are focused building long term relationships.


In a market where competition is tight, Synergy wanted to bring all their employees into one room and remind them of the successes of the firm; how clients perceive them; their competitive positioning and brand values. 




“Susan worked with us on a training day to help us consistently promote our brand through effective communication. Susan supported us in the lead-up to the event and her enthusiastic approach and attention to detail was second to none. Susan is an excellent speaker and fully engaged with our team throughout the day. The feedback received has been very positive and I would recommend her highly”


Jenny Howard, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Synergy

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Brand Away Day:  The day was fun, interactive and productive. It was important that all employees went away with one brand message and how to communicate that message through their own actions and words.

The Tasks:  The tasks included groups describing the Synergy brand by comparing the brand to everyday objects. This culminated in each group creating a set of brand messages for all to use. 

We held a fun balloon popping session where each balloon contained a target contact in the room that the delegate had to find without them knowing. This tested their newly honed non-verbal techniques.


The main task was the Secret Agent. A mission envelope was hidden in a discrete location and contained the name of a new contact and one thing the delegate had to find out about the contact without directly asking the question. Another test of non-verbal but also quick thinking and verbal skills. 


The outcome of the day was: 

  • Bringing the brand to life by comparing the brand’s personality to everyday objects 

  • Creating brand messages that would be discussed during the networking session 

  • Putting non-verbal communication techniques into practice 

  • Sharing ideas on how to improve on client satisfaction 

  • Understanding the power of messaging via social media in a business to business world.