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A brand is more than just the logo - it has personality that appeals to the emotive drivers of your clients.


Do you know what your clients like about your brand? More importantly, do you know what they don't like?


As experienced buyers, we understand the difference between 'features' and 'benefits' - i.e. the attractive brands are those that describe their functions in a way that is relevant to you.


We are attracted to brands that appeal to our four basic emotions: fear, sadness, happiness and anger. Through client research, focus groups, workshops and consultation, we will work with you to understand the emotive drivers of your clients, what you want to be known for and how you want to be perceived. From here we can devise your brand's archetype and characteristics. We ensure that it is thoroughly tested and reviewed with clients and against the competition.





"Defining your brand's personality helps you set the tone of all your brand messaging, imagery and marketing material. Having a clear brand personality and style helps us help you create the right solution for all your marketing activity."


Alice Buer, Marketing Executive, The Brand Marquee