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Are you unique? Or are there many brands like you?


To gain trust in your brand requires clever positioning. Brand positioning describes why you are different.


Whether you are in a niche, commoditised, fragmented or saturated market, your brand cannot reach its true potential unless it has three elements: it's different; it's focussed; it's relevant.


  • It is difficult to communicate you are different when you don't really know why.

  • Your brand needs focus. A master of many trades causes confusion.

  • Clients will only buy what they need. To create relevant products and services, brands need to test the market.


We work with you to create a unique and distinctive brand positioning, one which is competitive and appeals to your core clients and niche markets. For international work, we make sure that it is relevant and appropriate. Above all, we make sure that it is sustainable.





"Positioning the brand a regaining trust are all smart things for us to do and those are the litmus tests for any decisions we make."


John McKinley, American Politician, 19th Century