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Your brand has a value - create it... nurture it... protect it... live it!


Is your brand confused, non-existent or simply inconsistent?


A brand is more than just a logo, it has personality, unique characteristics and values. Think of your brand as the heart and soul of your business.


Sustainable brands are those with a purpose; they change when their clients change; they achieve buy-in from everyone in the business and appeal to the emotive drivers of clients as and when they need something from you.


Whether you are launching a new product, new service or building an existing brand, you need a well-defined strategy that addresses all those aspects of your business that has an impact on your clients and your people.


We will work with you through workshops and consultation to devise the brand strategy that positions your brand with unique appeal and competitiveness. We will start with your business plan to understand your financial and client service goals, and the long-term strategy and aims of the businesses. We will undertake the research required to test the relevance of your brand in the market.

"Brands that are left to chance are those that never reach their true potential"

- Susan Anderton, Managing Director, The Brand Marquee